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30 Watts - Led Floodlight -6000-6500K Cool Light

30 Watts - Led Floodlight -6000-6500K Cool Light
30 Watts - Led Floodlight -6000-6500K Cool Light30 Watts - Led Floodlight -6000-6500K Cool Light30 Watts - Led Floodlight -6000-6500K Cool Light
Price: $35.00

Sufficient Brightness
Its brightness is up to 2250 lumen, fully meet your lighting needs. 
No shadow, dizzy light, providing you excellent bright light.

Energy Efficient
More energy efficient than old halogen lamp, great replacement for 75W HPSL.
Saving over 60% on your electricity bill.

Wide Beam Angle 
120° beam angle, providing you with wide illumination range.

Usage Recommendation
General lighting: illumination area is 20-30 sq. m. with about 75-150 lux when installation height is 4-6 meters. 
Outdoor light: illumination area is 30-40 sq. m. with about 50-75 lux when installation height is 5-7 meters.

With fully aluminum alloy Die-casting case, this flood light has excellent heat dissipation, which effectively prolongs its lifespan. 
By adopting tempered glass, the panel is much more durable.

Flexible Installation
It comes with a metal bracket on the lamp body, allowing you to install the light flexibly, including ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and ground-mounted.
The lamp body can be adjusted 150°, flexible enough to meet your lighting requirements.

Key Data:
Wattage: 30W
Luminous flux: 2250 lumen/1950 lumen
Light color: Daylight white/Warm white
IP rating: IP66
Material: Aluminum + Tempered Glass + Iron
Dimension: 225*225*50mm
Leading wire: 30 cm (plug not provided)


PackagePackage Includes:

1x 30W 2250lm Daylight White LED Flood Light



1. The LED Flood light can be attached directly to an electrical outlet box.
2.  The correct connection of the wire: The blue line and brown line of the lamp separately into the Neutral line and Live line of mains supply. The yellow -green ground wire must be earthed. Pls have a check and make sure that all the wires are fastened tightly.


More Recommendation: 
If you plan another lighting project in your home or commercial places, you can also find other LE flood lighting products in our store. A variety of wattages, colors and other configurable functions (motion sensor, remote controlling, solar powered, plug in, rechargeable, portable, etc.) are all available!


How to Install 30W  LED Floodlight

1 - Drill mounting holes according to the screw bits in the lamp bracket.
2 - Attach the barcket and screw on to make it into position.
3 - Adjust the lighting direction as you like.
4 - Connect the power lead to mains supply.

Install 30w led flood lights step

Item Number: 30W-FL-IP65